Mission Statement

Rooted in the diverse heritage of Treaty 6 territory, the Lacombe Pride Society is a beacon of inclusion and support. We champion the rights and well-being of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and allies in Lacombe and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to cultivate a welcoming, safe, and vibrant environment where everyone can thrive. Through advocacy, education, and community events, we foster understanding and celebrate diversity. We strive to ensure that every person, regardless of their identity, feels valued and empowered. Join us in building a Lacombe that embraces, respects, and cherishes the richness of all its people.


* Queer Centric: Lacombe Pride society is first and foremost for the queer community, by the queer community. Our programming and events seek to foster a vibrant, inclusive community where the diverse identities and experiences of 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals are celebrated, affirmed, and prioritized, promoting empowerment, visibility, and solidarity. * Safety: We desire to make people feel safe to be celebrated for who they are, fostering a culture of inclusivity, empathy, and support, where everyone's boundaries and dignity are honoured, and proactive measures are taken to prevent and address any instances of harm or discomfort.

* Community Oriented: We love Lacombe and want to see it thrive. From local volunteering, collaborating and partnering with like minded groups and individuals, promoting agencies that have different missions in growing and strengthening Lacombe & surrounding area, and promoting inclusivity of all.

* Transparency: In all that we do, we seek to operate with a posture of honesty, integrity, and accountability. Seeking to establish and maintain best practices, while commiting to learn from our shortcomings and mistakes.Respect: Acknowledging the inherent worth, dignity, and rights of individuals, as well as their beliefs, identities, and boundaries. We live this out by treating others with kindness and empathy, actively listening to their perspectives, stories, and experiences, while refraining from actions or speech that could cause harm or offense.

Meet the Board



A devoted mother to four amazing kids, three of whom are queer. Through her personal experiences, she understands the importance of love and acceptance for everyone. Candice empowers her children to decide how they express their pride, supporting their desire to be vocal and visible in the LGBTQ+ community.

After running a successful preschool in Lacombe for over a decade, Candice shifted her focus to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Her love for her community runs deep, evident in her efforts to build inclusivity through the Lacombe Pride Society. She has also been involved in local leadership roles and advocacy for childcare educator support.

Beyond her activism, Candice finds joy in spending time with her husband and children, enjoying activities like Settlers of Catan, crafting, and hiking. She has a desire to explore the world and shares her home with a delightful assortment of furry friends.

Candice is a lifelong learner, always open to new ideas. If you meet her in Lacombe, feel free to say hello and share your perspectives on creating a safe city for everyone.



Compassionate with a deep love for people. With a background in nonprofit management, fundraising, and policy writing spanning a decade, he eagerly contributes to the mission of Lacombe Pride Society. Jason is driven to create a safe, welcoming, and celebratory environment for all in Lacombe. His focus lies in nurturing mental health, preventing suicide, and establishing support systems that empower individuals to thrive.

Having extensive frontline experience, Jason has worked with diverse groups of young people. He has supported street-level and gang-affiliated youth in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and surrounding communities, as well as suburban and immigrant teens in the Edmonton area. In 2021, he transitioned to the construction industry while remaining committed to serving the community through Lacombe Pride.

During his leisure time, you can find Jason barefoot in his garden, enjoying playful moments with his children, and experimenting with fermenting various foods and beverages. He relishes camping, hiking, and exploring new wilderness spaces alongside his wife, Aleesha, whenever they manage to escape the responsibilities of their urban homestead near downtown Lacombe. Together, they prioritize land stewardship, raising compassionate individuals, and fostering a spirit of generosity among their friends and neighbors.



Our newest board member bringing decades of life and work experience to support the Pride community with passion and care. Maulie, along with their spouse Maria, is a proud parent to three amazing children. Their family has deep roots in Lacombe, with Maria's family being part of a long-standing farming legacy. Maulie resides on an acreage outside the city, surrounded by nature and cherished furry companions.

As an openly non-binary/genderqueer individual, Maulie wholeheartedly advocates for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. They are particularly dedicated to creating a safe and accepting environment for young people, ensuring they feel seen, loved, and accepted. Maulie's diverse roles as a parent, veteran, and mentor have shaped their perspective and deepened their connection to the community.

Retiring from a career in emergency services, Maulie now focuses on homemaking, parenting, and volunteering. They bring a wealth of empathy, professionalism, creativity, and problem-solving skills to the Lacombe Pride Society. Maulie envisions Lacombe and its surrounding area as a hub of love, inclusivity, acceptance, and mutual respect for all.



A hardworking volunteer of the Lacombe Pride Society, who brings a remarkable combination of professionalism, creativity, and unwavering dedication to our community. With her extensive experience as a project manager, Rochele excels in organizational prowess and adeptly navigates complex tasks. Her attention to detail, coupled with a passion for arts and crafts, adds depth and versatility to her skill set, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Rochele's ultimate aspiration for the Pride Society is to cultivate a loving and culturally vibrant community in Lacombe, where our youth feel a deep sense of belonging without having to seek it elsewhere.

During her leisure time, Rochele finds joy in volunteering, creating art, writing, and sewing—an embodiment of her diverse interests. As an openly LGBTQ+ individual, she passionately advocates for diversity and inclusion, wholeheartedly committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment within our community. With Rochele's boundless enthusiasm and exceptional talents, we anticipate a future brimming with positive change and a strengthened sense of unity for all community members.



Born in Grande Prairie, Alberta, with three siblings, Jonathan moved to Red Deer around the age of 10 but quickly realized it wasn't their cup of tea. Within six months, they found their true home in Lacombe and have been rooted there ever since. Despite not being a native, Lacombe holds a sacred place in Jonathan's heart and will forever be their beloved hometown.

A true lover of the arts, Jonathan's heart belongs to creativity. Whether it's capturing photos of every little flower or indulging their boundless energy due to ADHD, they thrive on artistic expression. Hiking, camping, biking, dancing, makeup artistry, community building, learning from others, savoring coffee, and diving into new hyper fixations are some of the things that bring Jonathan joy. Don't be surprised to spot them strolling around town, basking in the sunshine. They're always open to connecting with new friends and discovering the stories of the remarkable people in this beautiful community.

Jonathan expresses heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to be welcomed into the community, working together to create an even more beautiful town that everyone can proudly call home.